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Quarterly Meeting Dates:
First quarter BOD meeting: January 29
Board Meeting: February 26 at 5:00 p.m.
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Second quarter BOD meeting: April 30
Third quarter BOD meeting: July 30
Fourth quarter BOD meeting: October 29

Volunteer Fire Department
5:00 p.m. day of meeting

Annual Meeting:
December 9

Perdido Commnunity Center
6:00 p.m. day of meeting

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Update on County-owned Land as of 12/4/2017

Proposals for County Disposal of IIDC Land

Innerarity Lots Revised

According to the Escambia County Budget
Office, the MSBU for Causeway Improvements
will be paid off with the final payment due on
our November 2019 Property Tax bill. This was
a 10 year payoff originated with the November
2010 Property Tax billing.
Speeding Alert!
There has been an increase in speeding
throughout the Innerarity Island Community. We
urge all residents and their guests to please be
considerate and mindful of their speed when
driving through your community, especially on
Innerarity Point Rd.
Drive as if it was your children that lived and
played here!
An off duty Sheriff Deputy will be monitoring the
neighborhood and speed violators will be cited
Gate Updates!
Watch this space for updates on our new gate system.

1/22/19: To all residents on the island with fobs to the main gate;
Please note that during the next month, I will be disabling the fobs in steps as the final phase
in transition to the new rfid tags for a secondary means of opening the gate. The 4 digit codes
will not be affected as they are the primary means of entering the island and permanent.
If you have any issues, please call or text me at (319) 561-0254.
Thank you all for your patience

If you need immediate gate assistance, please contact our Gate
Kevin Wilband
Phone: 319-561-0254
Dennis Geary
Phone: 412-720-2307

12/3/18: Please click here for more information on what's new gate system.

11/27/18: Please click here for the II Gate Access User Guide


11/19/18: Our new gates are up and functioning. Beginning Saturday November 24, the gates
will be closed. Your current remotes and passwords will continue to open the gates. When you
have a visitor, they may scroll through the directory and call you for gate access. All you need
to do is hit "9" on your phone and it opens the gate.

At our annual meeting of the homeowners (Monday, December 3), we will begin the process
of clarifying homeowner codes and announce the distribution of the RFID stickers as well as
the eventual phasing out of the remotes/fobs. We will also present a presentation on the use of
the scroll directory system. All of that information will also be posted here on this website.

If you need immediate gate assistance please contact our Gate Committee: Kevin Wilband
(email: phone: 319-561-0254) and Dennis Geary (email: phone: 412-720-2307).


11/12/18: The installation is nearing completion. Anchor will return at the end of this week to
finish the set up. Meanwhile, the gates will remain in the open position. Thanks to our
residents who worked to pressure wash the old brickwork at the entrance.

We are reviewing the existing codes and removing any obvious/improper codes in the coming
days (such as 1234 or 1111). Once the gate becomes operational, your assigned codes and
fobs will continue to work. However, we will be transitioning to an RFID sticker system to
replace the fobs in the coming weeks.

Check this website regularly for updates on when and where the new RFID system will be
available to residents. The small stickers will go on your vehicle's windshield, and they
automatically open the gate as you approach--with no need for a code or fob.

Oh, and if you notice that it's brighter out there, you're correct. In an unrelated activity, the
street lamp bulb was replaced with LED.
ECUA Meeting
*Updates for the Innerarity Island Water / Sewer Upgrades*
February 28, 2019
6:00 p.m. at the Perdido Bay Community Ctr.

Escambia County Innerarity Water and Sewer web page